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How To Start A Gaming Blog Today – Easy Step By Step Guide [2021]


How To Start A Gaming Blog Today – Easy Step By Step Guide [2021]


In this article, I will show you step by step how to easily start a gaming blog.

Additionally these steps will also work for creating any other type of niche blog.

The gaming industry is currently worth US$113 billion, with the potential of being worth more than US$300 billion within the next five years.

Gaming was once a hobby reserved for absolute nerds, but is now mainstream.

So there is no better time than now, to start your gaming blog, and begin a successful and rewarding career.

You do not need to be a professional, a “techie person”or an expert in other to start a gaming blog.

All you need to do is,….follow this guide step by step till you get to “step six” [This is the most important step and “secret sauce”,…don’t miss it!]

Table of Contents

Why Start A Gaming Blog?

If you start your gaming blog,…you are doing so to share your story with your community.

Basically your main purpose of starting a blog is to solve an information problem for someone.

Furthermore, you are starting a rewarding career.

This is why this guide is available,…to assist you.

Today I will help you to learn how to start a Gaming blog on WordPress step by step.

You will just have to follow 6 steps and then all the functionality of your website will be set up.

Remember if you have any issues as you are creating your blog, feel free to contact me here.

Now I will take you through the 6 steps of starting a Gaming blog.

Lets start!

Step 1: Choose A Blog Name – A Name That Describes Your Blog

Before setting up your gaming blog, you have to choose what name you will call it.

This name is called the domain name.

Your domain name is your address on the internet.

For example the domain name of my site is

Additionally I will advise you to choose a domain name that ends in dot com [.com].

Now , if you have already chosen a name for your blog,…

…use the domain name availability checker below to make sure that the name has not been registered by another person.

Punctuations or spaces are not allowed in domain names.

You can only use dashes in your blog name.

Note: You can not use any domain name that has been registered by another person.

What To Do If You Find Names That Have Already Been Taken

You can add words like “the” “best” or any other word to differentiate and personalize the blog name.

Additionally you can add numbers like my domain name which has the numbers “247”.

However, if the .com version of a domain name is already registered,…

…you can try a different extension like – .org, .net, and other extensions.

How To Choose A Name For Your Blog

Since your blog will be a gaming blog,…

…it is best to choose a name that is related to games,

…video games [example –],…

…PC gaming [example –], etc and anything related to gaming.

This is because this blog will be a blog about your hobby and passion which is gaming.

Alternatively, for those who want to start a blog in another niche, or personal blogs,…

…they can choose their personal names or names according to their life experiences.

Remember that any name you choose for your blog should be able to describe your site to a first-time visitor,…

…so that they will not be confused about what your blog is all about.

For example you can name your site if it is a personal blog.

You can use your name if you intend to write about different topics,…

…but since we are talking about starting a gaming blog now,…

…your blog/domain name should be related to gaming like

Step 2: Let Your Blog Go Online – Register Your Blog And Buy Web Hosting


The next step after you have chosen a blog/domain name is to buy web hosting and get your blog online.

Blog or web hosting is fundamentally essential to having a blog.

Consequently, you must have a web host in order to create your blog.

I personally use the blog host BLUEHOST on this website of mine.

They are the blog/web hosts I strongly recommend in this guide.

Why do I love Bluehost so much?….The answer is :-

  • They have highly strong and reliable web hosting.
  • Bluehost is easy to use
  • They offer technical support
  • Bluehost is affordable, monthly rate starts at $2.75
  • WordPress recommends them since 2005.
  • WordPress through Bluehost is free.
  • Currently they host over 2 million websites on the internet.
  • With Bluehost you get a custom registered domain for free.
  • The custom domain you get from Bluehost is exclusive to you, one else can take it.
  • There is a free automatic installation of the WordPress blogging software.
  • If for any reason you are unsatisfied with their perfomance, there is a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Bluehost has a supportive and helpful customer service through web-chat and phone, that is available 24/7.

Your blog host is like the house where your website lives on the internet.

Furthermore the work of a blog hosting company is to store all the files of your website.

Whenever someone visits your blog,…

…and types your domain name [which is your address on the internet] the blog hosting company delivers the files.

Also you need a blogging software to start your gaming blog.

I will show you step by step how to use the most popular, simple and easy to customize blogging software called WORDPRESS.

WordPress and Bluehost come in the same package, and they go hand-in hand.

You will get Bluehost at the price of $4.95 per month[If you purchase for 36months],…

or $5.95 per month[If you purchase for 12 months] when you use any Bluehost Link on this website.

Note – Occassionally there are times of the year when Bluehost offers discounts,…[meaning the price goes down].

Consequently, if you encounter any problems at all when setting up your blog using this tutorial, contact me.

A. Click here to purchase web-hosting on Bluehost,.. then click “GET STARTED”

how to start a gaming blog

B. Select the plan you want.

Beginners should start with the Basic plan, click select to choose your plan.

C. What you have to do now is to type in your domain name in the left box,…

…and then click “NEXT” to begin your site registration process.

NOTE: The right box is for those who already have a registered domain name they bought before.

So if you have an already registered blog name,…type it into the right box, and press “NEXT”.

D. It is time to fill out your billing details on the registration page.

how to start a gaming blog

E. Choose your hosting package and options.

You get the lowest monthly rate with the 36 months package.

The 12 months package has a lower upfront cost.

Additionally, everything you need to create your blog is in every Bluehost plan.

These include :

  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Free custom domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Custom e-mail addresses like… example –

Apart from “DOMAIN PRIVACY AND PROTECTION”, uncheck the boxes next to the package extras.

[the Domain Privacy keeps your name, phone, e-mail and address hidden from the public database of owners of registered domains].

F. Now create your Bluehost account and password.

You will be taken to an installation helper once you have done that.

Click “SKIP THIS STEP” on the next few pages….you will be taken directly to the dashboard.

G. Automatic Installation of the WordPress Blogging Platform

The system will now automatically install WordPress.

No download is required.

When the installation is complete,…

…click the Blue “WORDPRESS” button for you to be logged-in to the administrator section of your blog.

how to start a gaming blog

Step 3. Now Customize Your Gaming Blog

For those of you who are not logged-in already, simply visit and click “LOGIN” on the top right of your screen.

This will bring up the Bluehost login screen,…

how to start a gaming blog

…you can now login by typing in your domain name and password from the previous step.

Thereafter, you will be taken to your Bluehost portal,…from here you can click the Blue “WordPress” button.

Then you will automatically be logged-in to your WordPress blog.

Customizing Your Blog Design

When you login, you will be right in the WordPress dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can make any changes you want to your blog.

This is where you customize your blog to suit you and your audience.

Just like I told you in the beginning,…

…the simplicity of WordPress will help you to change the whole design and layout of your blog with simple clicks.

Now you will customize your blog to look like a professional gaming blog.

You are going to do this using what is called a theme.

You may ask what is a blog theme?

A blog layout is known as a theme in WordPress.

These themes control the whole design of your WordPress blog.

So when you want to change the theme of your WordPress blog,…

…simply click on the appearance tab on the left menu.

how to start a gaming blog

Once you click the “appearance” tab you will see some free wordpress themes already installed on your blog,…

…since we are interested in a gaming theme, visit here to get the best professional gaming themes.

Once you see a gaming theme you like, purchase and download the gaming theme,…

…then come back to your WordPress blog portal,…

…and upload the theme, by pressing “APPEARANCE”. Then press”UPLOAD”.

to start a gaming blog

Now press “UPLOAD THEME”.

Press “CHOOSE FILE” to upload the gaming theme you purchased from where you downloaded it in your computer.

Once the theme is uploaded, press “ACTIVATE”.

Now you have a professional gaming theme on your blog!

Moreover, if you want to use a free WordPress gaming theme,…

….press “APPEARANCE” then just scroll down till you get to the “ADD NEW THEME” tab, click on it.

how to start a gaming blog

Now go to “SEARCH THEMES” and type in the word GAMING.

You will see different free WordPress themes suitable for a gaming blog.

how to start a gaming blog

Choose any of the themes you desire,…

…and then as you hover over it click preview to see details about that particular theme…

how to start a gaming blog

For example, I have chosen the “Newsbulk” theme for this tutorial.

Next click the Blue “INSTALL” button on the top left hand corner.

When the them is installed click the “ACTIVATE” button…the theme will now be activated on your blog!

Go to your blog and take a look.

Remember – If you have any problem with setting up your blog at any stage, contact me here.

Step 4. Write Your New Blog Post And Publish It

It’s time to create your first piece of content.

Let the blogging begin!

Go to the left menu, then click on “POSTS”.

how to start a gaming blog

There is already a default WordPress post, on every new WordPress blog.

You do not need this default WordPress blog post,.. so delete it.

Now to write a new post click the “ADD NEW” button.

how to start a gaming blog

Once you are on the post editor screen, first enter the title of your post in the top box.

The next thing to do is to begin writing your post in the lower box.

When you want to add an image to your post, click on the “ADD IMAGE” icon,…

…then click on “UPLOAD”[to add a picture stored in your computer],…

…or “MEDIA LIBRARY”[to use a picture stored in your WordPress blog library]…

…or “INSERT URL”[add a picture by typing in the URL of the image].

Adjustments can be made to the image size on the next screen.

Now click “INSERT INTO POST” to add the image.

When you are done writing your post ,…

…click the “PUBLISH” button on the top right side of your screen.

Congratulations,…you have written your first post!

The Best Kind Of Content For Your Blog

Dynamic and Static content are the two main types of content your blog should have.

Static Content For Your Gaming Blog

This kind of content are few helpful pages that will help inform a visitor who comes to your site.

They are top-level pages that should be accessed through a menu on your gaming blog.

So before you launch your blog, put these pages in the proper place on your site.

These static content pages should be accessible and visible on the Homepage of your site.

You should link to these useful pages in the Footer Menu of your gaming blog.

These pages are –

  • ABOUT US page

Dynamic Content For Your Gaming Blog –

This is the most vital content that your readers are searching for from your blog.

For your gaming blog you need to have all, some, or one of these content types on your gaming blog:-

  • Gaming related informational posts like an article about online gaming.
  • Reviews
  • Guides
  • Gaming News
  • Walk-through
  • Gaming list posts
  • Other gaming related post types

Publish Your Gaming Blog

After filling your site with both the static and dynamic content,…

…now, you are ready to make your blog public.

Click the “Bluehost” button at the top left of your WordPress dashboard.

Now press the Blue “LAUNCH” button to launch your blog.


Step 5: Promote Your Gaming Blog

Now that you have launched your blog, it’s time to promote it and get visitors to your blog.

You need to get your blog in front of the right audience.

Now I will show you how to strategically bring readers to your site.

Your best bet for bringing targeted readers to your blog is by optimizing your blog for search engines.

This optimization of your blog for search engines is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION [SEO].

When you do this your website will be visible in search results in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

Remember that when you start a new blog,…

…your organic traffic [readers that visit your site via search engines like Google] will be small at first,…

…but will gradually increase as you add relevant and consistent to your site.

For Google, sign-up for the Google Webmaster account.

Thereafter, open the Google search console and add your blog.

You add your blog by clicking “ADD PROPERTY”, and following the required steps.

For Bing, sign-up for the Bing Webmaster account and then add your blog.

Also do the same for other search engines.

Each page of your dynamic content should include certain basic elements.

These are –

The content on your blog should be categorized into relevant and specific groups called categories.

From the post editor screen click on “POST” on the top right menu on your screen.

Then go scroll down and click on “CATEGORIES”…..and then click on “ADD NEW CATEGORIES”.

Now add Header Tags.

Headings and sub-headings should have Header tags.

You can choose H1,H2,H3, etc.

Click on the icon that the Red arrow is pointing at, and change it to heading.

Promote Your Blog Through E-mail Marketing By Creating An E-mail List

Another great way of promoting your blog is by sending emails and newsletters to your readers.

You create an email list of readers by collecting their email addresses with their permission.

This will help you to let them know when you write new content.

Furthermore email marketing helps you to stay engaged with your audience.

I recommend you use Getresponse for sending emails to your readers.

The following info-graphics will educate you more on creating an email list and email marketing best practices.

Infographic - Planting The Seeds To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders

InfoGraphic - How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

Read this in-depth guide to blog promotion.

how to start a gaming blog

This is one step that is so vital to the success of your blog.

If you get this wrong you struggle….

There are two things that guarantees success when it comes to blogging….


Remember when we talked about SEO [search engine optimization],….Backlink building is the backbone of SEO.

Proper link building according to Google’s guidelines is what is will help your blog to rank in search engines.

Consequently, when you rank in search engines,…

…you will get more targeted organic traffic [readers] from search engines like Google and Bing.

You might be asking, what are backlinks?

The simplest answer is that backlinks are like votes from other websites for your blog.

These outbound links show the search engines that your blog has quality information, and is trusted and reliable.

See an example of backlinks in this image below.

To learn more about backlinks I want you to visit the Backlinko blog.

If you do SEO and backlink-building on your own, it might take you a long time of struggles.

So I strongly recommend the best SEO expert agency that will do the entire SEO and link-building work for you, while you concentrate on writing content.

They are endorsed and recommended by Brian Dean [SEO LEGEND].

Visit the SEO and link-building agency here, and you are sure to fast-track your success in your blogging journey.

Remember, if you get SEO and backlink-building right from the start,…

…you will be among the group of successful bloggers.


If you have followed all the steps I highlighted in this guide,…

…you are well on your way to having a very successful gaming blog.

Were there any steps that was unclear to to you?… just contact me.

Let me know your thoughts about this guide in the comments section.



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