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The Best Confirmed Games For E3 2021


The Best Confirmed Games For E3 2021

best games

Today I will let you in on some of the best games confirmed for E3 2021.

Also, one of the things I think is pretty much nailed on for this year’s E3 is a Warner presentation.

In recent months we have seen the announcement suicide squad with the Hogwarts Legacy.

This is a major game that will feel like a real next step in terms of what gaming might be on next generation consoles. 

Furthermore I think the very fact that nestled in there is the return of Rocksteady.

It is really exciting because Rocksteady has a pretty much unimpeachable record.

So seeing them coming back was such a fun trailer for the suicide squad as well.

You know, it’s just really exciting to sort of think that we’ve become, again, a much bigger look at that this year.

best games

Table of Contents

New Games 2021

I think the things we’re going to definitely see this E3 I’m really excited about are going to be the Bethesda games.

Microsoft just spent seven billion dollars, whatever its buying Bethesda,

…they are not going to miss an opportunity to show off the fact that Xbox is now the only place you can play a Bethesda game.

I feel we’ll definitely see something on Star Field.

I do not think it will be out this year, but I feel we’ll definitely see some gameplay, some kind of a “reveal”. 

One of the rumours I’ve heard out there is that was Tom Cruise, that if they pull off like a Keanu Reeves, you’re breathtaking kind a moment….

…Tom Cruise walks out of the stage, then that’ll be interesting.

But whatever we get, we’ll definitely see some Starfield. 

Best Games 2021

We might also see something on the Elder Scrolls six.

This is because I think, again, Microsoft want to show the weight of what they’ve got now,… that is what they have.

So even if it’s just a CGI trailer or a bit of kind of concept and explanation.

I think they will try and show off the fact that you can now only play the Elder Scrolls six on an Xbox.

The things I’m really looking forward to round the E3 time of year is the Gamesradar future giveaway .

They are going to get Troy Baker and Laura Bailey present the show,…

…and bringing you an entire bunch of world premieres that is fresh footage from upcoming games and developer interviews.

Excitingly, One Among Those World Premieres Will Be The First Trailer For Extinction.

Extinction is a new dinosaur exploration action game that appears fantastic. 

Really I can’t wait to find out out more.

The showcase is going to be on June 13th and it will be live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,…

…and anywhere else you watch your game live streams,… so prepare for that.

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is catching up with our friend Craig,…

…specifically Craig the bruta from Halo Infinite.

Knowing that gameplay trailer, Craig got tons of hate, love and meme action.

New Games 2021

But more importantly, i would like to ascertain what they have been doing with the game since then.

They’ve had an extended time and three, four, three industries do know what they’re doing. 

They do know the franchise quite well. 

There are a lot of things that have trickled out that they’re trying to do.

I just want to ascertain how the game has progressed from now and you recognize that we’re getting to see something from it.

So I actually can’t wait to ascertain how good it is.

And I mean, I thought it looked amazing, like I’m one among those few folks that I didn’t mind.

I think it looked fantastic.

But I’m really interested to see the story, some more of the mechanics and how it works and just a bit more exploration of the world.

I am so excited by how, you Know, so the thing that we’re definitely going to see at E3 is Microsoft finally unveiled, what, its first year of Xbox Series X and s looks like.

Obviously, we’ve had sort of a launch line up and that we have some confirmed games like Halo Infinite.

But aside from that, it’s looking pretty barren on the Xbox front.

So apart from games like Favell, which are, you know, much further off, we should always see exactly what Microsoft plans to deliver between now and therefore the Christmas period.


Let me know your thoughts about the best confirmed games for E3 2021 in the comments section.


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